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Hydro culture

Hydro culture is the culture of plants on a substrate of clay granules. There is no use of pottingsoil. The plant takes its nutriments from the water enriched by nutriment. A watermeter makes it easy to control the level of the water in the reservoir.

ALPINA provides on-site consultation to evaluate all the factors that affect the health of your plants.
Our team of experts can help you create a new design and choose the right combination of plants and containers for your (work)space.
Update and revitalize your existing plants is also one of the possibilities.

In order to ensure that the plants remain healthy and fresh, we can provide you a maintenance service.


  Dracaena marginata Dracaena fragrans Polycias  

Advantages of hydroculture

  • Plants are free of pests and soil-borne diseases are eliminated.
  • Hydroculture is a clean system. The clay granules are completely clean.
  • Plants can be easily watered (once a month), minimising the chances of drying out or over-watering. A watermeter tells when plants need water.
  • Plants can obtain more oxygen.
  • Non-allergic.

Private and corporate

Hydro culture is not only suitable for corporate business, also for private houses. During your vacation, nobody has to look after the plants.


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